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VIRGO Pharmaceutical Laboratory was given a license to operate as drug manufacturer by the Bureau of Food and Drug.  BFAD ascertain that VIRGO complied to requirements and standards that are stipulated by regulations by issuance of BFAD product certificates.


The company produces drug acting on the nervous system such as analgesic and antipyretics.  Antibacterial drug under Anti-infective such as Chloramphenicol, Penicillins, Tetracyclines and Anti-tuberculosis Drugs are also in the company’s line of products.  To provide effective drug remedies for other diseases, the company also produces Anti-hypertensives under Cardiovascular Drugs.  Moreover, the company also expanded its production by including Anti-Asthma, centrally acting antitusive and Mucolytic for Respiratory Drugs.  Further more, Vitamins or supplements are added to product shelves of the company to provide health care outreach to Filipinos.


Following are the BFAD approved products manufactured by Virgo Pharmaceutical Laboratory:


a.  Analgesic/Antipyretic

·         Paracetamol (BRINOGESIC)/(RONGESIC)

·         Mefenamic Acid (ZANOVIC)

b.  Antibiotic

·         Amoxicillin

·         Ampicillin (VIRGOXILLIN)

·         Cloxacillin

·         Chloramphenicol (TROPHACETIN)/(METROPHENICOL)

·         Cotrimoxazole (XANAZOLE)/(VIROXOLE)

·         Erythomycin

·         Tetracycline (RONCYCLINE)/(METROCYCLINE)

c.  Anti-Tuberculosis

·         Isoniazid (VIRCOXINE)

·         Pyrazinamide

·         Rifampicin

d.  Cough Remedies

·         Carbocisteine (ZYLOMUX)/(ZYLOTIN)

·         Sodium Citrate-Ammonium Chloride-Guiafenesin (VICOL)/(ENRON)

·         Dextromethorphan

e.  Anti-Asthmatic/Bronchodilator

·         Salbutamol (ASVIMOL)

·         Terbutaline

·         Theophylline Anhydrous (VIRILLIN)

f.   Cold Preparations

·         Phenylpropanolamine HCL-Chlorphenamine Maleate (VIRGERAN)

g.  Antihistamine/Anti-Allergy

·         Chlorphenamine Maleate (VIRGOMINE)/(METROMINE)

·         Diphenhydramine Hydrochoride

h.  Anti-Spasmodic

·         Homatropine Methylbromide (CHLORTROMIDE)

·         Dicycloverine Hyrochoride

i.   Anti-Anemia

·         Ferrous Sulfate

j.   Anti-Hemmorhagic

·         Menadione Sodium Bisulfate (VITACLOT)

k.  Vitamins

·         Ascorbic Acid (ASCORCEE)

·         B-Complex (FERISORB)/(MIXIGIL)

·         Multi-Vitamins (RONIVIT)/(VIRGOVIT)

l.   Antacid

·         Aluminum Hydroxide-Magnesium Hydroxide (VIRGOGEL)

m.  Anti-Protozoal

·         Metronidazole

n.  Anti-Helmintic

·         Mebendazole

·         Piperazine Citrate (VIRMINTIC)

o.  Anti-Diarrhea

·         Furazolidone

p.  Diuretic

·         Furosemide

q.  Anti-Hypertensive

·         Propranol HCl (PARVILOX)

r.   Anti-Malarial

·         Chloroquine Diphosphate (PYROQUINE)

·         Quinine Sulfate

·         Sulfadoxine-Pyrimethamine (ANTI-MALARIAL)

s.  Anti-Leprosy

·         Dapsone (LEPRAVIR)

t.   Disinfectant

·         Providone-Iodine (ZIGMADONE)

u.  Scabicide

·         Benzyl Benzoate (SCANEZYL)

·         Sulfur Ointment

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